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Sistema Museale

Formalized in 2006-2007 with a specific agreement among the represented Municipalities and recognized by a regional decree in January 2010, Sistema Museale della Valle Sabbia has recently renewed the agreement among the institutions that are part of it and activated a new programmatic course.
It constitutes a significant challenge for the local area, characterized by numerous and varied cultural realities, including museums and collections, parks and archaeological sites.

The historical center is represented by the museums of Capovalle and Pertica Bassa, which document, respectively, characters and moments of the First and of the Second War conflicts, in addition to the resistance movement with its prominent figures, such as Giacomo Perlasca or the slavic exile Dimitrije Paramendič. The Rocca d’Anfo should be considered separately; an asset of exceptional historical and military value, whose visit is guaranteed, since 2015, after a significant consolidation of the structure, not yet concluded, thanks to the agreement signed between Regione Lombardia and Comunità Montana della Valle Sabbia.
The scope of the production activities refers to some recently established realities, such as the Iron Museums of Odolo and Casto, the Labour Museum of Vestone and the smelting furnace of Livemmo, an industrial archeologic site that was brought to light by some excavations in 2004.
In the valley, great importance is given to the ethnographic material composed by testimonies that are linked to the “material and immaterial culture”, to work, to customs, to traditions and folklore. In addition to a specific section inside the museum of Pertica, the “crafts”, for example, are documented in the museum of the association “Habitar in sta terra” in Bagolino and in the collection of Sabbio Chiese, which was launched more than twenty years ago by an enthusiast Enrico Morelli.
A wider dimension and a prominent role characterize the Archeological Museum of Gavardo, which is, at a regional level, the only “recognized” museum among those of the system and occupies the second place in our province for the quality of the finds preserved, which are the result of the successful campaigns of excavation conducted by the association of volunteers “Gruppo Grotte Gavardo” starting from the 50s.

As the last project put in place by Comunità Montana della Valle Sabbia, after the inauguration of the Library System of the North-east of Brescia and the start of the inventory project of the municipal archives, which is currently suspended, Sistema Museale della Valle Sabbia has immediately invested its energies in communication and dissemination, sharing the idea of the museum as an “educational place”.
As the cultural heritage of the community, museums, museum collections, forges and archaeological sites, despite their diversity of contents and forms, represent an essential resource for consolidating, especially in the younger generations, the bond with their territory, both in the dimension of an historical research and as a way of reflecting on current events.