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SS 237 c/o Rocca d'Anfo


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Parco della Rocca D'Anfo

The Rocca d’Anfo, whose strategic function was already recognized by the Visconti in the 14th Century, is a fortified military complex, which was erected in the 15th Century by the Repubblica di Venezia in the Municipality of Anfo, above Idro lake.
The fortress complex includes a series of buildings that had different uses: trenches, towers, ramps, pitches, roads, powder magazines, stables, troop lodgings and cisterns are spread over a difference in height of about 700 meters along the slope of Monte Censo.
It was remodeled and enlarged in different periods by the military engineers of Napoleone Bonaparte, Giuseppe Zanardelli and other Italian military engineers. It lost its strategic value in 1918, when the region Trentino definitively became part of the Kingdom of Italy.
The complex, abandoned in 1975 and owned by the State, has passed under concession to Regione Lombardia. Comunità Montana di Valle Sabbia has been managing it since 2015 and opening it for guided tours.

Caserma Zanardelli-Rocca d’Anfo – SS 237, 25070

info and reservations: 3756221121