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Fucina Zanetti Museum

Fucina Zanetti Museum is located not far away from the old iron working area.

Inaugurated in 2007, owned by the Municipality, Fucina Zanetti Museum represents a sort of garrison, an “outpost” for the visitor who enters the village. The history of Casto is intrinsically connected with iron working since the 17th Century, when there were 35 plants and the forge represented the final step of a production cycle that began in the mines of Valle Trompia.
In the forge there is still a mallet, with its own water wheel and another wheel, that in a more recent past operated the shear. The machines that are inside are also very interesting and testify the continuous innovative process of iron working in Valle Sabbia, which lasted at least until the mid-20th Century.

The visit is completed by the suggestive itinerary through the park Parco delle Fucine, on the road to Alone.
Combining it with a visit to the museum, it is possible to make a route of about 3 km called “La Valle delle Fucine”, along which you can see the remains of other structures dedicated to iron working, such as Noe forge or Boche forge. This itinerary has interesting naturalistic aspects and can be enriched with a visit to the mill, owned by the David family.