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Via M. D'Azeglio 2


Comune: 0365 826321

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From April to October (by reservation or for special events)

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The high part of the Museum

Iron Museum "Fucina di Pamparane"

Odolo is a town with a long tradition of forges. The canalization of Vrenda river has allowed, especially since the 17th Century, a very strong development of these artisan realities.
Inaugurated in 2007, the museum in Odolo is a particular one. The whole structure, and not just the objects it contains, form the “museum”. It is an ancient forge, a two-storey building that housed, until recent times, an artisan workshop.
The walkway, specially created to define the visitor’s path, allows you to better observe the structural characteristics of the museum and the tools used for forging iron. Inside there are two hammers complete with water wheels, deposits, hydro-wind horn and other accompanying machines.
The museum project intends to propose the forge as a museum by itself, through interiors and levels and is enriched by a large exhibition, aimed at illustrating the socio-economic history of Odolo, closely linked to iron working.