Pertica Alta

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Loc. Granolze Fraz. di Livemmo


Comune: 0365 821490

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The archaeological area can be freely visited. Present the signs from the hamlet of Livemmo. The Forno Fusorio can also be reached from Odeno and Navono

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It can be reached along a mule track that descends from the hamlet of Livemmo (difference in height downhill of 300 meters above sea level)

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The smelting furnace of Pertica Alta

The smelting furnace of Livemmo is a living testimony of the activity that has animated the economy of the valleys of Brescia for centuries.
The site is located on the right bank of Tovere stream and can be reached along a mule track that descends from Livemmo village of Pertica Alta.
The oven has a particular location, justified by the presence of the primary resources necessary for processing the metal: water and charcoal. The mineral was, instead, transported by mules from Val Trompia.
The plant was used for the first transformation of the iron ore extracted in Val Trompia, the cast iron, which was then sent for subsequent processing in the forges of Valle Sabbia, located further downstream.
This activity was so flourishing because Valle Sabbia was rich in woods, that supplied the fuel for charcoal. Val Trompia, on the other hand, had the mineral but was devoid of fuel; this is the reason why Livemmo played a strategic role at that time.
In the 19th Century this economic system entered into a crisis and the iron working moved mainly to the forges of the valley’s bottom and the mountain areas were abandoned.